Step 1 : Export your Firefox Bookmarks to an HTML file.You can do it from your Bookmark menu in your Firefox Browser.Go to BookMark menu and click on Organise Bookmarks.

Step 2 : Now you will get a Library window.Go to “import and backup” menu in library box and click on Export HTML.

Step 3 : Now specify a name for the HTML file in the File name edit box and select a location in which you want to save your file.

Step 4 : Now open Google Chrome and go to top right corner settings icon and select BookMark Manager.This will open a Bookmark manage window.

Step 5 : Now go to tools in Chrome Bookmark Manager and click on import Bookmarks option and select and open the Firefox bookmark file that you saved to your computer.

This action will import all your Firefox Bookmarks including toolbar to Imported folder in Google Chrome Bookmark manager.Now you made access to your Firefox Bookmarks in Google Chrome Browser.